Our teaching style is lively and versatile. It is structured clearly, with alternating  theory and practice units concerning the relevant subject while leaving room for playful and experimental learning experiences. Additionally to the Shiatsu-specific subjects, great value is placed on improving trainees’ sensitivity, perceptibility of states of energy and, simultaneously, a respectful and attentive treatment of the client. Quiet, relaxing and meditative phases help to further intensify and integrate what has been learnt.

The training is divided into three sections

I   The Traditional Meridian System :: Level 1 – 3 
II  Meridian Shiatsu according to Masunaga :: Level 4 – 5
III Shiatsu in Professional Practice :: Level 6 – 7

Additionally, the curriculum includes Further Lectures like Medical Basic Knowledge, Principles of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Basic Psychological Knowledge as well as Practical Exercises. All this is accompanied by tutorials,  Shiatsu self-experience and specialised seminars.

Our students will also be asked to practise by themselves, document sessions, compile case descriptions and elaborate studies.

Diploma obtained from ESI enjoys high international esteem.