Basic Medical Knowledge

For the achievement of a deeper understanding of the human body, its functioning as well as any counter indication, it is necessary to comprehend the principles of anatomy, physiology and pathology. The content here is specifically designed according to basic medical knowledge used to work in a Shiatsu context. It is obligatory unless the relevant medical knowledge has already been acquired elsewhere.

Principles of TCM

This course grants participants an insight into the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM. Following a brief outline of the history of TCM, emphasis will be put on various topics, e.g. concepts of the functionings of the inner organs, the five vital substances, and the eight diagnostic principles. On the one hand, knowing these principles widens the view for the constitution of the client beyond the current movement of energy along the meridians and, on the other hand, contributes to a more profound understanding of the roots of Shiatsu.

Basic Psychological Knowledge

In the psychological area, too, it is important to respect one’s own limitations and where Shiatsu can help, and to be aware that the relationship between practitioner and client is a crucial component in any Shiatsu treatment. Therefore, the knowledge of psychological patterns and processes we may encounter as practitioners are important aspects for our professional actions.

This seminar is meant to be of support to all those who wish to acquire a deeper perception and reflection of these processes.

Practical Exercises

Only regular exercise under corrective supervision makes it possible to really learn the technique, apply it adequately and develop the sensitivity required to practise Shiatsu. 

Tutorials are working groups composed of two or three students plus one teacher. Their aim is to see if a student is ready for the next step of training while simultaneously allowing for a specific response to the students with any questions, wishes and problems they may have. Tutorials are a fruitful way of working, and we recommend them in between all course levels. For higher Level courses, tutorials are mandatory. 

Shiatsu Self-experience

Shiatsu treatment is more than just pleasant, relaxing and beneficial: it promotes personal development and a deeper understanding of energetic processes, something that can be benefited from right from the start. A fixed number of sessions of treatment to be received is part of the training, and ESI graduates with their qualifications are available to the Shiatsu trainees.

Specialised Seminars

Specialised Seminars serve the purpose of intensifying, enlarging and supplementing differentiated subjects in our programme at various levels. According to what is on offer, they can be consumed any time between Level 1 and Level 7. A fixed number in specialised seminars is obligatory as part of the training.


On top of the events organised by ESI, the elaboration of case descriptions, a case study, the writing of session reports and – this goes without saying – slef-responsible practising and intervision are expected from ESI students.