Level 4

At this Level, we enter into the extended meridian system according to Shizuto Masunaga, the pioneering renewer of Shiatsu; he was the one to lay the foundation for a style often referred to as Zen Shiatsu. It is owing to his profound understanding that  opened Shiatsu up to a new potential, adding a subtle dimension to it. Here, meridians are seen as aspects as well as functions of life. In contrast to the traditional meridian system, they are seen to be present  throughout the whole body. This is where Shiatsu goes far beyond just the bodily aspect, having an effect on the whole being. FukuShin (energy diagnosis at the Hara), KyoJitsu (distribution and expression of energy) and meridian work are in the limelight of this exciting course level.

Level 5

At this course level, the content taught at Level 4 is further deepened and specified. The meridians are once more studied in depth. This Level is also where the approach of KyoJitsu is looked at in detail. Additionally to the theoretical aspects of  HaikoShin (energy diagnosis on the back) and BoShin (energy diagnosis by way of observation), all important treatment positions for Masaunga Meridians are taught here. Completion of this Level puts the practitioner in a position to give a full treatment on the basis of Hara or back diagnosis.