Level 1

The beginners’ course introduces the 12 traditional meridians also known from acupuncture, Tai Chi, Qigong and similar traditions. Here, not only the theory about the meridian curves, their importance and functions is explained; the practical part trains the students in the principle methods of treatment of the meridians. The practical side is rounded off by exercises which train the students in the perception of vital energy (Ki) in themselves and their co-students.

In short, this course will enable you to get to know Shiatsu and to apply it without problems in terms of simple treatments in a family setting.

Level 2

In the second course we first repeat the meridians and look at them within the context of the five elements  (or phases of change), one of the central concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The basic techniques studied at Level 1 are further enhanced through involving the thumbs. In this context, we introduce a whole series of specific points and their exact localisation: these are the Yu points or associated points of treatment which are known to play a great role also in TCM. In order to further increase self-perception, meridian stretching exercises are taught which have become very widespread.

Level 3

Palms of the hands, thumbs, elbows and knees! THz course is the ultimate when it comes to practical technical skills. What we teach here is the very special, vigour-saving techniques using lower arms, elbows and knees; on top of that, we do stretching, rotation and transition. The highly variable position of treatment when  sitting as well as the techniques of “mobile Shiatsu” are a further highlight of this course level. The Yu points already taught in Level 2 are now expanded by the BO points, or  alarm points.

Upon the completion of Level 3, participants will have reached an overview of the variety of Shiatsu methods and techniques, and have acquired a good theoretical understanding. This Level will enable you to practise Shiatsu soundly on family and friends.