Shiatsu is a fascinating, highly elaborated form of energy and body work. It can relate to all kinds of concerns which people might have. Over the last few decades, Shiatsu has undergone a rapid development, and today we encounter it in many areas of life, ranging from therapeutic practice to wellness.

Shiatsu can have balancing, calming or reviving effects. It can relax you and will stimulate the self-healing forces of body, mind and spirit. The Shiatsu touch goes very deep, entering into contact with our innate resources. How to get there is a process-oriented path, and it helps us to perceive ourselves better. If we perceive and experience ourselves more strongly, it is easier for us to establish a dialogue with what is around us. Shiatsu backs up this rich dialogue, supporting the movement of life within us.

Performing Shiatsu, and this is extremely special about our art of touch, has a relaxing, invigorating and centralising effect also on the Shiatsu practicioner itself. It helps us to obtain a clear, simple and heart-felt contact with ourselves.

Being a highly energetic body therapy, Shiatsu is based upon the principle of the vital forces appertaining to all living beings (in Japanese called: Ki, and in Chinese: Chi) which flow through our body along specific pathways, or meridians. Against this background, all our physical, psychological, emotional and mental states are the expression of how the flow of this vital force is distributed within us. An understanding of Yin and Yang, the aspects of the five phases of change as well as the functions of the meridians constitute the basis of this special form of Shiatsu treatment.

Looking, asking, listening and touching are the starting point from where the procedure of treatment evolves, the Shiatsu-specific touch supporting the vital energy in its movement. This touch ─ and this is, in fact, the core of Shiatsu  technique ─ is attentive and spacious, real and profound, clear and open, always connecting with  people in their entirety, as a whole: and this is what is crucial. This is the essence, the heart of Shiatsu.