Shiatsu is offered both in independently run practices and in a clinical context and is applied in the following areas:
  • In preventive health care and health promotion measures – As an accompaniment during pregnancy; as an accompaniment for children and young people who suffer from concentration problems and learning deficiencies or hyperactivity; at corporate working places.
  • In medical practices, complementary health centres, and in physiotherapy – In the hands of a well-qualified practitioner, Shiatsu is an efficient therapeutic measure that can be applied to many different symptoms and complaints.
  • In hospital environments – As a supplement to Western medical approaches in pain clinics, psychosomatic clinics, rehabilitation, or in working with prematurely born babies.
  • As a supplement to psychotherapeutic processes.
  • In the field of wellness – For relaxation and regeneration processes offered in hotels, fitness or sports centres.
  • In sports therapy settings.
  • In the social area – as accompaniment in women’s refuges, hospices, old-age people or nursing homes; in the context of working with mentally or physically challenged people.
  • In the area of education – in schools, adult education centres, nursery schools and children`s groups.
  • As a spiritual accompaniment.