ESI, or the European Shiatsu Institute is, in fact, one of the oldest Shiatsu training facilities in Europe and has taken on a leading role in what is called “European” Shiatsu.

ESI is an international school with identical programmes and courses run in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

The ESI training is recognised by all Shiatsu professional organisations.

You are welcome to do courses individually at any of our schools without contractual binding. It is you who decides the rhythm both of the training itself and of how far you wish to proceed.

Some of our teachers can look back on more than 30 years of experienceand all of them are in a situation to provide training at the highest level. The size of our team enables our trainees to familiarise themselves with Shiatsu in all its abundance and variety.

The modular structure of ESI facilitates extra-occupational training.

Each of our modules / levels is scheduled several times a year.